Shri Vinayak College, Delhi – Key to overcome failure.

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November 28, 2017

Shri Vinayak College, Delhi – Key to overcome failure.


Shri Vinayak College, Delhi helps the learners who are interested in securing a new lease of life in form of a dedicated open school of learning. This school is designed to overcome failure and help those students who could not secure studying in a formal school. With this core idea of serving the society and helping students overcome failure, the school helps to bring students select the subjects and combination of their respective choice. In form of a university based tailored approach, Shri Vinayak College aims to reduce the number of dropouts in the region. To connect with this large base of interested students who wish to overcome failure, this special open school identifying the needs of such learner is designed.

Advantage, Shri Vinayak College’s Open school program

● Special school of open education ● Helps students overcome failure ● Provides new lease of hope to family of the lagging students ● Designing special methodologies to students seeking admission in classes from 9th to 12th. ● Further, we are launching special b.ed. classes. ● Educational assistance upto pre-degree level ● Save your precious school year and give exams at your own speed ● Using both open and distance based learning programs. ● To overcome failure and promote standards for learning and teaching systems. ● Providing access to quality learning materials to achieve full satisfaction ● Design of innovations and special methodologies to improve the results of our students. ● This benefit will be available to everyone who wishes to change their subjects in class and pre-university. ● Get admission in premier universities and schools post NIOS certificate of class X or XII. ● Opportunity and choice to pick subjects ● You can also Clear subjects one by one. ● Just mere Five Subjects are to be cleared. ● Enrollment is Valid for 5 Years. ● Total 9 Chances of clearing Public Examinations.

Merit to learning We are undoubtedly the experienced lot of educators combining the best of subjects to assist in learning of students.

Our central goal at this school is to build up a program to open doors for every young learner’s potential through information and common interests. Special school of open education which helps students overcome failure and provides new lease of hope to family of the lagging students in senior classes. We are committed to the goal that every youngster will find his individual qualities and create new successful story like numerous others we have helped scripting.

Through the self-assurance here your child will discover diverse types of learning styles that thusly will result in a imaginative, positive, inventive, comprehensive and thorough understanding of the educational needs of the grade. Therefore, our main goal at this school is to give amazing scholastic and valuable knowledge for the students who need a new lease of life to overcome failure.

At our school we have an experienced batch of professional teachers and educational modules intended to engage our kids with learning of weak subjects through curricular exercises.

At Shri Vinayak College, Delhi, each faculty assists the kids with mellow to direct scholarly and individual test challenges to get the individual understanding of the child’s gifts and use them to create independent and dynamic residents of our nation. These very specific initiatives positively affect the kid’s social conduct and help them to control their feelings of inadequacy. The methodologies to overcome failure also constitute the core part of our classroom contact.

Friend of the failures

The craving to help and spread education among the those with failures brought about Shri Vinayak College to presenting Open School in its premises in 2001. The venture has been a triumph with 500 new students each year, both young men and young ladies enlisting in this Open School program to get a new lease of life. The school conducts classes each day of the week with many staff individually assisting to make this undertaking a triumph. The board classes are available to students of 10 and 12 in all streams through NIOS, CBSE and Open School program. Assignments of students are used by the instructors to evaluate the progress and submitted at the centre, and after that the honor list is sent to the respective board. We assure you 100% success in the class you wish to enrol in. Post this you can
move to any school or college of your choice. Our college is open for seven days in seven days.

​Special school of open education

Shri Vinayak College, Delhi further provides –

● Extraordinary classes for weak subjects. ● Communication in English and regional languages ● MS Office classes for all. ● One to one Counseling session for the motivation of weak students ● Vocational training sessions for higher classes. ● Special study material apart from the ones gotten from NIOS. ● Small class sizes and customized web based learning to let you create at your very own pace. ● Solid subject expert and student mentoring session

Vinayak – Where we give new lease of hope to repeat

Professing is easy yet attempt is difficult. Realising this, we organise special classes for all such students who want to redefine their success. We provide following classes- ● 8th9th10th11th12th

A single trial will be all it takes to change your mindset about studies and us. We will redefine the failure stories by our success parameters. We ensure 100 percent success to all our students as we provide regular classes and learning skills to improve your weak areas. Redefine your future at Shri Vinayak College – A school of open education where dreams of future are realised, every day and every year. For those who have lost hope in education systems or have failed to secure good grades, our teachers will help you redefine your vision of education. Education management at your convenience, Shri Vinayak College of brave students who have seen failure from close quarters and wish to overcome it. Therefore, Shri Vinayak College, Delhi is your only yet the best success key to overcome failure in senior classes. With the best instruction and learning opportunities for young people, we redefine the failure for students who have lost hope.

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